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Read our press releases about issues affecting rural women:

2010 press releases
May 28 New leadership for Rural Women New Zealand
May 27 Enterprising Rural Women Award Supreme Winner 2010
May 26 Rural Women NZ Emissions Trading Scheme
May 21 Rural Women NZ welcomes biosecurity funding boost
April 23 Enterprising Rural Woman Award winners announced
March 17

Rural Women New Zealand’s voice heard in rural broadband plans

March 1 Entries excite in RWNZ Enterprising Rural Women Award 2010
February 26 RWNZ slams home support funding cuts
January 22

Entry deadline approaches for RWNZ Enterprising Rural Women Award

January 20 RWNZ calls for changes to $300M rural broadband spendup
2009 press releases
November 27 Rural ACC clients face chop in homecare services
November 9 Applications open for RWNZ Enterprising Rural Women Award 2010
November 9 ACC travel cost cuts short-sighted
November 4 Broadband fibre plan leaves rural in knots
October 24 ACC sexual abuse counselling cuts could compromise rural
October 2 National Strategy on Walking Access on Track
September 30 Six years for fast rural broadband too slow
September 11 Rural Broadband - Playing Catch up
August 19 RWNZ concerns re Upper Waitaki bridge replacement
August 3 RWNZ support for new Primary Maternity Units
June 12 Call for Support for Rural Migrant Workers
May 29 RWNZ welcomes 20 hours free funding for Playcentres
May 29 RWNZ member appointed to Correspondence School Board
May 18 Call for Immediate Action on School Bus Safety
May 15 Enterprising Rural Woman Award Winner announced
April 28 Fibre Optic will give rural students an equal chance
March 30 RWNZ Announce ERWA Finalists
February 24 Warm Rural Welcome for Graduates
February 20 RWNZ Enterprising Rural Women Award 2009
February 4 Kill the Speed Not the Child - RWNZ reminder about School bus safety - 20km/h speed limit
2008 press releases
November 18 RWNZ decries axing of Minister of Rural Affairs
October 3 Calendar girls support rural bus safety
September 15 World Rural Women's Day
August 29 The Stealth Like Effects of Leptospirosis hitting farmers in back pocket
July 9 Rural Midwives' Bonus a Band Aid Solution
July 4 Horizons One Plan - Call for less bureaucracy and back to basics approach
May 23 RWNZ calls for raise in earnings threshold to $150
May 20 Leptospirosis funding boost with RWNZ cheque presentation
April 28 New Massey/PPCS study reveals importance of sheep in human exposure to Leptospirosis
March 28 "Look Lively for Lepto Week"
March 26 The Price of Milk - for "Punch Up" -NZ Farmers Weekly
March 19 Call for Paid Parental Leave for Seasonal Workers
February 04 Remember the 20kph rule around school buses urges Rural Women NZ
February 04

Rural Women NZ training leads to nomination for  Meat & Wool NZ Directorship

2007 press releases
December 14 RWNZ calls for multi party approach to tackling School Bus Death Toll
November 26 RWNZ welcomes Flexible Working Arrangements Bill
October 19 Baring all pays off for RWNZ Calendar Girls
October 5 World Rural Women's Day 2007
September 24 Horizons' One Plan Doesn't Fit All
August 24 RWNZ Elects New National Councillor for Otago/Southland
August 20 Rural Education Reference Group has Minister's Ear
August 10 Deterring drug operations makes rural communities safer for all
August 10 Leptospirosis campaign in full swing
May 18 Margaret Chapman announced as new National President
May 18 RWNZ re-launches nationwide leptospirosis fundraising campaign
March 23 Spoonful of Advice Helps the Medicine Go Down
March 16

Rural women’s safety at risk if land access opened up

March 16

RWNZ assault on Otago Central Rail Trail

February 7 Visit of Dato Ursula Goh
2006 press releases
December 7 Rural Midwifery Funding Boost
September 13

Ratepayers' views ignored in abolition of Community Boards says Rural Women New Zealand

September 11 Women in Farming Groups grow women's technical know-how - World Rural Women's Day
August 30 RWNZ welcomes funding to repair cracks in rural dentistry
August 23 Rural Women New Zealand to revive Rural Bulletin
May 31

Southern Rural Life Opinion by Ellen Ramsay

Disappointment at Budget decreases for Education

May 8 Rural communities must not be left out of loop following telecommunications unbundling
March 15

RWNZ calls on Government to support ban on "Terminator" GE seed trials

February 23

FFNZ and RWNZ renew their co-operative approach

January 11 RWNZ appoints new executive officer
2005 press releases
December 16 RWNZ announces Achievement Award Winners
December 5 RWNZ calls for extreme makeover of home care sector
October 26 Cut speed limits - but spending on roads and education needed too
September 5

Alternative fuels offer pastoral solution to petrol price hikes says Rural Women New Zealand

August 29

No new funding for cash-strapped home care providers in pre-election lolly scramble

August 8 RWNZ launches petition for travel costs for homecare workers
August 5 RWNZ appointment to land access panel welcomed
July 25 MSS bus operation in Golden Bay welcomed by Rural Women
May 13 Rural Women welcomes new $36m health travel policy
May 6 Rural Women concerned for rural families following Correspondence School staff cuts
April 27 Rural Women New Zealand welcomes paid parental leave extension
April 1 Rural Women rail against fuel price hikes
March 31 Australian trip hones rural woman's directorship skills

February 28 Rural women go to town
January 14 RWNZ appoints Taranaki woman as new Executive Officer
2004 press releases
October 28 Rural women call for rational debate on land access
October 8 New Zealand to celebrate World Rural Women's Day
September 6 Charities Bill - the rural perspective
August 16 Rural Women oppose legallised trespass
June 17 Government turn their back on rural affairs
June 10 Rural Women New Zealand appoints new President
June 8 Rural Women fund training for homecare workers
May 6 Rural Women rail against cost of charity
April 6 Rural Women dispute Government commitment to rural communities
March 23 Rural Women calls for improved dental care
February 24 Rural Women applaud Mallard U-turn
February 23 Rural Women tackle school reviews
February 12 Rural Women welcome boarding bursary increase
January 28 Rural Women shocked at rural school closures
2003 press releases
December 18 Rural not consulted again

2002 press releases
February 21 Rural Women go to town
February 20 International aid organisation meets in Hamilton

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