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Rural Women welcome boarding bursary increase

12th February, 2004

Rural Women New Zealand (RWNZ) is pleased that the government is upping its contribution to boarding school expenses for rural students.

“We are glad that the Minister has recognised the level to which rural families have been disadvantaged by increasing school fees over the past ten years,” says RWNZ Education spokesperson, Jacky Stafford.

“More families than ever are compelled to utilise boarding schools as the school network in rural areas is eroded by successive governments.”

Although the 17 % increase is heartily welcome, Mrs Stafford views this as a “stop gap” contribution, given that school costs have risen in excess of 37% for state-run boarding schools over the same period.

“We look forward to the Minister’s promised bursary review in the hope it will reveal the need for an even greater funding allocation.”

Contact: Jo-Anne Stokes
Executive Officer
Rural Women New Zealand




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