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8 June 2004

Rural Women fund training for homecare workers
Rural Women New Zealand (RWNZ) is celebrating 75 years of homecare support by announcing a new bursary package for homecare workers.

The RURAL WOMEN NEW ZEALAND ACCESS HOMEHEALTH BURSARY offers up to $3,000 per year to individuals looking for training in health care.

Former RWNZ President, Mrs Ellen Ramsay announced the bursary at the recent National AGM, saying that the organisation has always been committed to providing care for people in their homes, particularly for those in rural areas.

This commitment eventually gave rise to Access Homehealth, now one of the largest home care services in New Zealand.

Still wholly owned by RWNZ, Access Homehealth has a network of five regional offices throughout New Zealand and employs 4,500 home care workers.

“There is more training required for home care workers these days, particularly in personal care, because people are being discharged from hospital with higher needs than ever before,” says Mrs Ramsay, herself a registered nurse.

“The purpose of this education grant is to assist people who wish to pursue training, either in homecare or in nursing.”

Mrs Ramsay says that the bursary is open to all applicants, although preference would be given to those working in the rural sector.

Along with the new homecare bursary, RWNZ provides over $20,000 per year in education grants to assist individuals with textbooks, boarding fees and other expenses.

For further information contact:
Ellen Ramsay
Former President
Rural Women New Zealand


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