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Rural Women New Zealand lobbies the Government on behalf of the rural women of New Zealand. A huge range of issues affect the rural sector, and Rural Women New Zealand ensures the voice of rural women is heard.

Rural Women New Zealand has recently made submissions on these topics:

- ATV Guidelines(Feb 10)

- Safer Journeys 2020

-  Unpasteurised Milk Products - NZ Food Safety Authority Discussion Paper (July 2009)

- Presentation to the Walking Access Commission (December 2008)

- Climate Change Stocktake Report Submission (August 2008)

- Feedback on the TCF Report on the TSO for Local Services  (April 2008)

- Proposed Environmental Standards for Electricity Transmission (November 2007)

- Telecommunications Service Obligations Regulatory Framework (October 2007)

- Local Government Commission review of the Local Government Act 2002 and Local Electoral Act (September 2007)

- Submission to Environment Canterbury on Waitaki North Bank Tunnel Concept (September 2007)

- Submission to the Ministry of Economic Development on the review of Section 62 of the Electricity Act 1992 'continuance of supply' 2013 Review discussion paper (September 2007)

- Submission on the Horizons Regional Council One Plan (August 2007)

- Submission to the Commerce Commission on Draft Standards Terms Determination for the designated service Telecom's unbundled copper local loop network - Decision 609 - (August 2007)

- Fire Legislation review - new framework for NZ's fire and rescue services and their funding)  (June 2007)

- Climate Change (May 2007)

Archived Land Submissions


- Early Detection and Treatment of Prostate Cancer (August 09)

- Maternity Action Plan (July 2009)

- Review of the Health and Disability Commissioner Act 1994 (April 09)

- Submission to New Zealand Rural Health Institute Discussion Document (Sept 08)

-  Public Health Bill (March 2008)

- Caring for Carers strategy (September 2007)

- Health (Drinking Water) Amendment (September 2007)

Archived Health Submissions


- Rural Broadband Investment Submission (Oct 09)

- Broadband Investment Initiative (April 2009)

- Broadband Investment Fund Submission (June 2008)

- Review of Tertiary Education and Training for Land-Based Industries (Stage 2) (October 2008)

- School Transport Direct Resourcing (July 2008)

- Land Based Review Stage One (April 2008)

- Five Year Action Plan for Out of School Services (July 2007)

Archived Education Submissions


- Building Better Government Engagement Project (April 09)

- Domestic Violence (Enhancing Safety) Bill (February 09)

- Improvements to Sexual Violence Legislation (Sept 08)

- Proposed changes to the Domestic Violence Act 1995 (February 2008)

- Payroll giving - providing a real time benefit for charitable giving (January 2008)

- Tax Treatment of Honoraria and Reimbursements paid to volunteers (December 2007)

- Flexible Hours Submission (August 2007)

- Police Act Review (July 2007)

- Paid Parental Leave Evaluation Submission (June 2007)

- Criminal Proceeds Recovery Bill Submission (May 2007)

- Telecommunications (May 2007)

- Rates Enquiry - Dept Internal Affairs (May 2007)

Archived Social Submissions

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